Welcome to INFRACA
Infraca exploration is eminently adaptable gist and advanced mine drilling operations, is always up-on with customer requirement and at front by virtue of standard services and at the hands of proficient staff. It is ambled by greatly experienced in the field inspection and management of drill works.....
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Infraca Drilling provides the following Exploration and Mine Site DrillingServices:
  • 24/7 operations for optimum utilization of resources
  • Directional drilli
  • Fully self-sufficient camping facilities for remote area work
    John Franklin Managing Director
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    We have a very formidable fleet of machinery and support vehicles that comprises of following:
    1. DAF truck 8x6
    2. Mercedes Benz (Self Loader)
    3. Two 6x6 Bedford Trucks
    4. Two 4x4 Land cruiser
    5. Two 4x4 Nissan Hard body
    6. Two 4x4 Ford Ranger
    + more equipments